What is this thing all about anyways?

Dysruption was created to change the status quo in healthcare by creating a company agnostic incubator program to rapidly prototype and deploy new clinically validated advancements in healthcare delivery. Why? Because the traditional way of doing things is too slow, because the inertia of large organizations and systems is hard to overcome and because too many great ideas die on the vine waiting for their chance to change healthcare for the better. Dysruption is about momentum, failing fast, learning and innovating to improve care, access, the patient experience and cost. There are thousands of great ideas out there that need an opportunity to be rapidly validated, refined and then deployed to help people across the world.  Dysruption is that place. A consortium of scientists, clinicians, innovative employers and likeminded healthcare solution providers all work together to share, learn, transform and disrupt.



You were wondering about the words in fine print weren't you?

Dysruption is about getting it done, about sharing, learning and focused execution. We choose a limited set of projects to focus at any given time and relentlessly pursue scientific discovery on them. We always have our ear to the ground, listening for new ideas and projects to explore, but only focus on 4 at any one time. This ensures we apply sufficient time, attention and resource and achieve escape velocity. In addition, not everyone can participate...sorry :-)  All ideas are welcome, but project participants from each category must agree to some basic principals including: sharing of data among project participants, time commitment (we have dependencies on each other and need commitment to not slow each other down), authority to make decisions on behalf of your company, a can-do / innovative, entrepreneurial and curious attitude a willingness to test and deploy the project you participate in, within your own organization. And last but not least...you must apply through a nomination process...see more about that below


Are you a Dysruptor? Find out how to join the movement

We have a teensy weensy little form to fill out when we are soliciting participation in a newly forming project. Dysruption will never have more than 4 projects open at any given time and when one closes, another opens. We accept nominations for new project ideas all the time. Each is evaluated by the Dysruption team and chosen based upon a variety of factors including the concept's impact magnitude and feasibility for rapid deployment and testing. 

To participate in one of the Dysruption Projects, interested parties must complete an application form, which can be found here on the site.  Each project team will be comprised of a Scientist / Clinician, Technology Lead, Employer Sponsor, Data Scientist and Healthcare Executive Sponsor. 

Why would you want to go through all of that? Because Dysruption takes commitment, and having a nomination process makes sure everyone on the project team has the authority, temperament and know how to get it done. Moreover, as a participant, you can be one on the vanguard of innovation and roll out those new ideas within your own businesses. Plus, you gotta admit its really cool to call yourself a Dysruptor and to have the evidence to show you don't just walk the walk, but talk the talk.